2021 Hawaii Republican Party State Convention

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By: D. Kennedy

Does It Really Matter?

On May 15th, the Hawaii Republican Party will hold its State Convention. The main purpose of the convention is to elect new leaders of Hawaii Republican Party. Let hope they get it right and elect the right people. If not, the party will continue to make little to no headway in getting conservatives elected at any level. I have been critical of Hawaii’s Republican Party in the past. But I hold out hope they can get the ship heading in the right direction this time.

No matter who the elected officials are I want to thank them because these are volunteer positions. That does not change the fact that we need strong, focused, dedicated officials to spearhead the local party. I have a conservative friend who wants to run for state office and is even considering running for Governor. I know he is just as frustrated with the Hawaii Republican Party as I am. We have even discussed if and how to run as an Independent.

I have had the opportunity to talk with a couple of the Hawaii Republican Party representatives, both interim and those running for the seats, and hope what I am hearing is true in the direction they want to take the party. Words are just that, words, action is what really matters.

We do not need any RINO’s leading the Republican Party on any level!

Here is a list of who are running, keep your fingers crossed!

2021 Candidates

State Chair

Signe Godfrey, Jaime Padilla, and Tom White

Vice Chair Coordinated Campaigns
Diamond Garcia and Lynn Finnegan

Vice Chair Candidate Recruiting and Training Henry Vincent III

Vice Chair Communications
Jamie Detwiller and Tiana Elisara

Vice Chair Coalitions
Joe Akana

Vice Chair Community Service
Sheryl Bieler and Jeff Coakley

Treasurer Steve Holck and Eileen Spampata

Secretary Banner Fanene and Mele Songsong