Aloha Stadium Project

Aloha Stadium

By: Jeff Todashi

            Oh no!  Here we go again.  Aloha Stadium leaders said it will likely take 20 years to finish building the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District.  The development is being split into two projects: one to build the new stadium and another for the area surrounding the stadium — including hotels, retail and housing. The state said it is planning to spend about $350 million on the new stadium.

Among the issues being brought up is the need to install a new sewer system.  This is the main reason that the construction timeline has been pushed back.  Honolulu’s current plan to upgrade to the sewer system does not meet the Stadium’s development time table.  Planners therefore are thinking outside the box and planning to install waste water treatment on site.  A developer has not yet been selected.  The eventual developer must have the capabilities to transform up to 1 million square feet of land every five years over the 20-year projected timeline. 

After the H-3 delays and the never ending and always spending Honolulu Rapid Transit project, Hawaiians are rightly concerned with delays and ballooning costs.  Our businesses and clients are the ones who feel the effects of the delays and the costs through raised taxes.  We already know this is a historic Hawaiian problem.  Let’s fix it up front for a change.   The entire enterprise should be privatized or not done at all.