Apparently, Mail-in Ballots Are “Flawed” Again:


By: D. Kennedy

Amazon, the massive online e-commerce, recently appealed a decision to hold mail-in balloting for workers in the upcoming unionization election. Bessemer, Ala., warehouse workers argued that the pandemic-voting policy was flawed and failed to define what a “covid-19 outbreak” actually is, pushing the election to be conducted in-person. Jeff Bezos must only think mail-in voting is credible in presidential elections. Of course Democrats refused recounts in the genera election.

Amazon appealed the ruling that would allow 6,000 workers to take 7 weeks to cast their ballots by mail, represented by the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union. This would be the first unionization effort in seven years by Amazon workers in the United States, who have fought for unionization at its American facilities. They would need to win a majority of votes cast in the balloting, not a majority of the bargaining unit itself. It would be the first U.S.-based union for the online retailer if the effort succeeds.

Acting regional director of the National Labor Relations Board Lisa Henderson warned Amazon that restricting the election to in-person voting only could disenfranchise voters who have COVID-19 or are worried about contracting the disease. She argued that mail-in ballots protect the health and safety of the voters during the current covid-19 crisis. In-person voting would require sending its staff in areas where the spread of the virus is particularly high.

Amazon asked the National Labor Relations Board to review in-person ruling and to stay an election until it is decided. They argued that the ruling was reflected by early assumptions of the pandemic. A lack of scientific understanding in the COVID-19 virus ruptured the definition of “outbreak.”

Amazon retains a top anti-union law firm, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, and has set up an anti-union website that discourages workers from paying dues and joining the RWDSU. 

Democrats have spent a large portion of 2020 advocating for mail-in ballots regarding the presidential elections and saying the process would allow more voters to participate. “The best approach to a valid, fair, and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person, making it easy for associates to verify and cast their vote in close proximity to their workplace,” said Amazon spokesperson Heather Knox.

The Bezos-owned Washington Post has refuted all claims relating to mail-in voter fraud by Donald Trump, calling his supporters “dangerous” and “inexcusable.” But if mail-in voting poses any disadvantages for the e-commerce platform, then it is suddenly flawed 

Preferences on mail-in voting was never about the health of Americans or ensuring each vote counts. It was based on extending power, finances, and opportunity for the radical left. Read all you can on conservatism.