Biden’s Misinformation Committee:

left-right signs

By: D. Kennedy

Big tech companies, such as Google, have started working with Democrats to decide “what speech ought to be permitted.” The U.S Capitol storming was blamed on a speech that President Trump gave to his followers and eventually led to his Twitter account being permanently suspended. A pair of university professors are now looking to convince President-elect Joe Biden that the government needs a misinformation commission to counter the spread of “right-wing conspiracy theories.”

Professors Bill Adair and Philip Napoli used the Capitol incident to prove a point that the government needs a panel to decide what counts as “misinformation,” regarding a web of partisan media outlets, social media, and the dark corners of the internet. 

“The lies flourished despite an extraordinary amount of debunking by fact-checkers and Washington journalists. But that fact-checking didn’t persuade the mob that stormed the Capitol — nor did it dissuade millions of other supporters of the president. Fed a steady diet of repetitive falsehoods by elected officials and partisan outlets, they believed the lies so much that they were driven to violence,” they said. 

Social media users have spent months growing frustrated over facing censorship issues for using conservative speech. This has led many to look for new social media platforms that support free speech. 

Free speech advocates like Candace Owens have turned to fight and file lawsuits against big Facebook and its ‘fact-checkers,’ while others have turned to new sites such as Parler, which is a Twitter-like platform that supports conservative voices. The platform was pulled from Apple and Google app stores after allegations that they didn’t remove posts that contained “threats of violence” that their users would upload. 

John Matze, Parler’s CEO, called the big tech companies “sick” and evil” for trying to keep his company off the app stores and force their own platforms upon others. He explained that people are allowed to disagree with you, but can’t take vindictive action against you just for having a different opinion. 

Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon Web Services for breaching their contract and violating an antitrust law that had stopped hosting the site. 

Millions of dollars have been thrown at academics, foundations, and tech leaders for “censoring speech,” but all attempts have failed. Adair and Napoli talked about taking a broader approach. They suggested considering all possible solutions regarding incentives, voluntary industry reforms, education, regulations, and new laws for censoring speech. They said Biden was in a unique moment of power now that the Republican Party had been “weakened” and could seize the fertility of the landscape.

Democrats have been less about censoring free speech and more about directing specific propaganda that fits their narrative. They believe in fueling the public with fear and the consequences of misinformation, while Republicans simply believe in personal accountability. 

Banning conservatives isn’t “fighting” hate speech, it’s about pushing their political narratives and then letting the big tech companies decide how you read or write about it online.