BNH Publisher has Left the Party

Picture of D. Kennedy

By: D. Kennedy

I have decided this past week to leave the Republican Party and concentrate on being a conservative. The ongoing disfunction of the Hawaii State Republican Party has helped me make this decision.

I have decided that they, the Hawaii State Republican Party, will never change. If you want to help them, you must chase them. I have chased them since last October and have truly heard every excuse there is. If they even bothered with calling back or returning an email.

A friend of mine Gil Leah, a good solid conservative, wants to run for office and the local republican party does not seem interested. I did a final email connection between Gil and the State Chair this past Saturday and left it at that. I will support Gil in any way I possible can if he runs for office.

I will only support conservatives and those with conservative positions and values regardless of their political affiliation. No more RINO’s for me!

So now I am an independent conservative. Looking for good conservatives in Hawaii to help “Bring a Conservative Perspective” to our state.

There are many people in Hawaii who have conservative values and still vote liberals and liberal policies. When people just vote for someone because it has a D, or a R tells me most people are not paying attention to what is happening to our state and country.

If we work together as conservatives, we can change the hearts and minds of our fellow residents.

Hopefully, we can help some of them see the light!