Cheapening the Cost and Our Worth

Mug of beer

By: Manu Kala

            If you get a vaccine, you also might get a beer?  Well thanks for that offer.  I could not afford a beer at all the last year and half.   I had to make choices between putting food on the table and paying taxes, or awarding myself with a beer.  When survival is at stake, what are you going to choose for your family – a loaf of bread or a can of beer?  Our government often used whiskey as a free enticement to slaves and Native Americans.  Now, they are trying to use free beer. 

Here’s a beer.  Forget about your problems during this beer summit where a Democrat wants to do all the talking and none of the listening.  Let’s glamorize alcohol.  Covid 19 thankfully did not kill some of our grandparents so let’s raise the chance that drunk driving will finally get them.  In the military, glamorizing alcohol gets officers in trouble but it is okay for the non-elected and elected Democrat civilian leaders of the military to glamorize alcohol.

They shut down businesses against their wills.  Some businesses are now gone forever.  They promised that they would encourage government contracts for small businesses, especially businesses owned by women and minorities.  When the contracts are actually awarded, they still go to the people on “the inside”.

100-year-old bakeries on Oahu are gone.  Other businesses are still closed. People lost wages that will never be recovered.  Citizens worried with no relief in sight.  Parents did a lot of jobs but they still had to pay taxes for services that were denied by the government and the unions.  Here’s a beer and a stimulus payment.  Act like you are trying to get a job just so we can keep the money (for votes) flowing to you.  When voting time comes, remember which party gave you the money.  By the way, did we mention that we are taking the stimulus money from the rich?  We’re Liberal, Socialist Robinhoods!  Wait?  What’s that fine print on the Robinhood legislation?  “Robinhood is banned inside Washington DC and Honolulu city limits”. 

Millions of loved ones have died.  500 died here in Hawaii, but here’s a beer, a year’s worth of a vehicle lease, a gift certificate, or a $50,000 raffle ticket if you live in California.  These things don’t bring back the dead.  They don’t even attempt to cushion that suffocating anvil.  Is there an amount of money equal to the millions of lives lost?  Is one chance for $50,000 worth the risk of cardiac inflammation and ensuing lifelong ailments for a child?

Our elected Democrat leaders think so and this shows our worth to them.  Democrats have long resorted to outright public bribery through the welfare state that they created.  They purposefully remove individual pride and willpower by creating utter dependency, servitude, and perpetual indebtedness.  They are certainly using these latest enticements to dull the continued greatest assault on individual civil liberties since slavery.  Now they are resorting to cheap bribery to incentivize taking risky, experimental vaccines that they are not even willing on the armed forces going into combat or first responders on the pandemic’s frontline.