Coronavirus – The Democrats Response


By: T. Jeffersonian

Coronavirus is real.  It does not matter where it started and how.  It is here to stay.  It has killed our neighbors, our family, and our friends.  It shut our states and our nation down.  It has erased years of work and years of savings.  It has also revealed leaders who were not up to the task.  Incessant talking, tweeting, Facebooking, and sectionalist politicians who regard neither truth nor decency; attacking every character, without respect to persons – public or private, – who happen to differ from themselves in Politics do nothing to beat Coronavirus.  Nothing.

What is our state and federal leaders’ task?  Their task is a complete return to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as we knew it before this virus.  Anything less than that is entirely unacceptable.   Any leader who attempts to justify accepting less than what was, must be removed because they are not in it to win it.  Any 70-80 year old national or state level leader, who has spent decades in Washington DC or Honolulu or elsewhere, enriching themselves, who now at the ends of their careers and lives want us to have lives and fortunes less than theirs…..must go today.  They are not in it to win it for us.

Americans are doers.  We are not a bunch of talkers.  We want the opportunity to fight this head on. We have all been fighting this for a year.  We are the front line.  We are wearing the masks.  We are socially distancing.  We are washing hands.  We are waiting our turns and getting the vaccines.  We are doing without jobs and income.  We are doing without golf and haircuts while we watch our rich leaders do both!  “Not for me….but for thee”.

In March 1775, Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”  He was delivering a speech to the Second Virginia Convention, calling for rebellion and secession from Great Britain.  The Coronavirus is not a thinking, changing, adapting human enemy like George III, Cornwallis, or any other enemy leader that Patrick Henry faced.  The Coronavirus is however a changing, mutating enemy.  Already we are facing the possibility that mutating versions of the Coronavirus may be impervious to the vaccines.  One mask is not good enough.  Now we need to wear two.  The expert who is saying this publicly, has been in his position since 1984.  He makes $425,000 per year on a government salary.  He makes more money than the President, the Vice President, and the Speaker of the House.  He has made $1 for every American that has died in 2020-2021 from Coronavirus!  We are paying him for failure?  37 years to arrive at this moment to fail?  This country can do better than that.  The Capitol Police leadership that let the rioters in to the Capitol are already gone.  Why is Fauci still there?  Dr Anthony Fauci and our political leaders – Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer – who themselves have been in government service for 30-50 years, they built the conditions that let this Coronavirus wolf get through our door.  Trump is gone. They all still remain.  America can do better thn them.  We must demand better from them!  We must VOTE better than them.

Speaking about the Coronavirus during a CNN town hall less than two months away from the November 2020 Election Day, President Biden said, “If the President [Trump] had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people [who have died from Coronavirus] would still be alive”.  On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden became the President and he still has Dr. Fauci by his side.  Trusting that science.  Today, Coronavirus positive cases average about 166,000 per day with 4,000 daily deaths in the United States. These figures are higher than last summer 2020 during the second surge.  90,000 more deaths in the United States are expected in the coming weeks.   

On Inauguration Day 2021, U.S. Coronavirus deaths hit 400,000.  Eleven Days of Biden later….33,000 more Americans have died from Coronavirus.  90,000 more deaths are projected over the coming weeks.  In two months, in far less than the first 100 days, Joe Biden [and Fauci] will be responsible for 1/5 the total Coronavirus deaths in the United States. 1/5 in 60 days.  Again….Joe Biden’s words….“If the President had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive”.  Joe? You are not doing your job.  Borrowing your own words, you are not doing your job. 

Bill Maher, famous for being a Trump critic said only five days ago, “Now that we’ve gotten rid of Trump, we’re faced with this problem as Americans. … Now we can’t blame everything on him. Now we gotta look in the mirror and we’ll find out in the next hundred days, like, if it was all Trump who was the bad guy”.  Biden and Fauci?  Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell?

Politicians!  Focus on what is important.  Obama Care is back; Keystone XL is gone; Transgenders can get tax payer paid sex change surgeries while serving in the active duty military; we have rejoined the Paris Climate Accord….all that is a BUNCH OF MALARKEY that is going to cost tax payers who don’t have as many jobs as we had before a lot of money!!!!  33,000 more Americans have died on your eleven-day watch.  90,000 more are expected to die in the coming weeks.  So glad that we have the first woman, first woman of color, first South Asian, First South Asian woman, experienced government prosecutor as Vice President….gosh all those people in one body that sure has helped over the last Eleven Days.   MALARKEY!!!!  Focus on the virus.  Do the job you said you could do better.  Do it or quit.  Results….not words.  Results.  I can’t hear your words because your results speak so loudly!                             

How many more jobs will be lost? Give the $1,400 checks to our neighbors who need it.  Some of them might be close to starving.  They had a job before Coronavirus started but you cut off their economies.  How much groceries and gas can $1,400 buy, though?  You know, gas prices, they have risen 15 cents in the last 30 days.  When gas goes up, everything else that Americans buy also goes up.  Joe, Nancy, Mitch, Tony, and Chuck…who are multi-millionaires receiving government salaries and have government funded health care for lifetimes…. they don’t have to worry how far to stretch $1,400 for groceries and gas.  Oh…well those people can just go on food stamps or unemployment.  Are you kidding?  There is one person behind the counter to process all their requests, or you are left on hold for hours upon hours before you speak to a series of real people who usually cannot do anything for you instantaneously.  There is also something called American Pride.  You know that stubborn spirit where we will fight for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.  We see their houses burning, we go to put it out and get them out.  Somebody needs blood, we donate.  A kid sick with cancer, we contribute to Go Fund Me campaign despite knowing that we are going to skip meals and wear worn out clothes and shoes.  We go to bed hopeful.  We wake up ready to fight and make today better.  We don’t give a damn what color you are, what god you serve, or who you love.  Your house is burning.  We are going coming to get you out and put it out. 

Our leaders in Washington DC, who have served for countless decades there…they are soft, rich, and utterly not up to the task. They are not running to the burning neighbor’s house.  They are elitist and entitled.  They are soft and they are afraid.   They have deprived us of HOPE!  They have diluted our WILL.  They are not Patrick Henry.  We the People are Patrick Henry.  To our political leaders…give us our liberties and let us face this death together as a common people.  Put us back to work, return our lives to normal.  We would rather go down fighting, surrounding by the people that we fight for and that we love, as opposed to dying alone locked in our homes because you have taken our freedoms and our hope. You must read and stay informed.