Daily Show Host Charges Democrats:

The Daily Show

By: D. Kennedy

The Daily Show is usually a democratic apologist, but it was intriguing to see the platform charge against left-leaning politicians for a change. Daily Show host Trevor Noah lashed out at Democratic politicians for constantly telling everyone to “stay home,” while failing to practice what they preach. 

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, for example, was telling people to cancel their Thanksgiving plans before attending his own dinner. Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler, had filmed a video urging people to avoid traveling this holiday season…from his timeshare in Cabo. Other politicians including San Francisco Mayor London Breed and California Gov. Gavin Newsom were also seen dining maskless and in large dinner parties with multiple households. “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

While critics pointed out that dinner parties and travel itineraries don’t necessarily “violate” any lockdown rules, it still tarnishes their authoritative reputation and an obvious ignorance of the rules and social distancing guidelines they’ve touted in their respective states. 

Radical left politicians have continued to dine while case numbers spike and then declare those same restaurants “non-essential” weeks later. Thousands of small businesses and restaurants have permanently shut their doors due to draconian lockdown measures. The pressure on sales during waves of restriction makes it impossible to forecast their recovery. In some cities, restaurant capacity has been slashed from 50% to 25% and the last call for alcoholic drinks has been 10 p.m. 

“I’m so sorry, man. Everyone has given up their lives and then you’ve got these politicians who are just hypocrites out here. What, you guys think, does Corona respect your office too much to come after you? Because don’t forget: It got the president of the United States, it’s not going to be star-struck by Governor ‘hair gel,’” Noah said, in reference to Gov. Newsom.

Out-of-work employees and restaurant owners have waited months for the $900 billion COVID-19 stimulus package that was just approved. It includes a $600 direct stimulus check, restarting a $300 boost to the federal unemployment insurance benefit, extending eviction moratoriums for renters, an extension of the Paycheck Protection program, and direct billions to small business grants, increased funding for vaccine distribution, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. 

House Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have spent months suppressing the American people from financial aid and the recovery their businesses desperately need just to accept the proposed deal after Election Day.

Noah argued that Democrats were even worse than Republican anti-maskers. He said that the left was full of hypocrisy in regards to mask-wearing and social distancing, while Republicans struggled to stay afloat and just pay their bills. He said that anti-maskers were straight-up with what they believed in, instead of dancing around in circles. “At least when those dudes break the rules they’re open about it,” he said.

People have been told to only interact with members of their own household and cancel their Christmas plans altogether while watching their elected officials travel and dine like there isn’t a problem in the world. Really makes you start to question things.