Defeating the Global Pandemic

Picture of a protective suit

By: Jeff Todashi

America’s Role

This week, the world surpassed the 3 million death mark from Coronavirus. 3 million deaths equate hypothetically to both Dallas and Philadelphia suddenly being wiped off the Earth’s face. In less than 100 days since January 2021 when the world broke the 2 million death mark, another 1 million people have died. 160,000 of these deaths in the last 100 days have occurred in the United States. The true number of global Coronavirus deaths is believed to be significantly higher than 3 million because of government concealment and the many cases overlooked in the early stages of the outbreak that began in China, at the end of 2019.

China has hardly been transparent nor cooperative across the past two pandemics which both originated in China – SARS and Coronavirus. It is speculated by intelligence community Chinese experts, that China has a far more sinister goal behind their refusals to cooperate – China is not going to be the only country to suffer from Coronavirus. If China were the only country to suffer from a pandemic on the scale of the Spanish Flu of 1918, then China would now be at a major economic disadvantage to the rest of the world. Whether Coronavirus itself was an accident or was deliberately designed and released is not relevant so much so right now. What is relevant is that China aggressively concealed the outbreak of Coronavirus for three months in early 2020. This was deliberately long enough for the disease to get out of China and firmly seat into the far reaches of the globe. With this sinister goal still in mind, it should hardly be a surprise that China’s own Coronavirus vaccine is now proven to have less than 50 percent efficacy. China economically, militarily, and politically benefits from the world continuing to have Coronavirus and to have it long term.

China may have arrived economically and militarily, but under its current political system and leadership, China will never arrive altruistically nor empathetically. When the human species is at stake, the world will never look to China for its survival. The world looks to the United States when the world itself is at stake. As we have historically done, we the American people must reluctantly acknowledge our global responsibilities and embrace them. By providence, it is who Americans are fortunate enough to be given our values, our vision, our geography, our character, and our resources.

One in every five Coronavirus deaths has been an American. Despite this horrific fact, the United States has the world’s best vaccination production, distribution, and administration systems. By far, more Americans are currently vaccinated than in any other nation. America will achieve its Homeland Defense requirements for herd immunity far faster than will the rest of the world. As the United States reopens, the rest of the world will remain closed, lagging far behind in many cases. The lagging global closures serves no-good long-term purposes for the United States nor for the rest of world and it put the United States at risk of reinfection. Given the Coronavirus surges currently being seen around the world – in India, Brazil, France, the Philippines, and others – and given the clotting and poor efficacy issues seen with several vaccines, the United States is currently the only nation with the vaccination arsenal capable of turning the Coronavirus global tide. Some of the nations mentioned are nearing Humanitarian Disasters collapses on a massive scale because they cannot turn the Coronavirus surge’s tide back alone.

This is not a tide that will be reversed by throwing billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars haphazardly at the Coronavirus Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) and hoping that non-American political leaders use the money as American taxpayer’s hope. This hope is misplaced, is wasteful, and does not respect the personal sacrifices made annually by the American taxpayer. This is a corrupt attempt to enrich American politicians and their financiers at home. Such corrupt waste must be stopped. American led actions must replace the money.

Global vaccination is effort that America must lead and have other nations and their available funding bolt on to us. America has the world’s most technologically advanced and expeditious military. These capabilities are exponentially multiplied by our allies and partner’s military capabilities. When our combined military response capabilities are coupled with all of the world’s non-governmental organizations and with America’s vast economic engines and medical arsenal, America will effectively lead the global vaccination charge that ultimately wins the world’s Coronavirus fight.