Democrats Using July 4th to Swindle More Covid 19 Money

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By: Manu Kala

Governor David Ige is preparing to ease vaccinated visitor travel restrictions on July 8, 2021.  Hawaii visitors who have received their shots won’t have to adhere to a Covid 19 testing requirements. The governor anticipates that around July 8, Hawaii will have achieved a 60 percent vaccination rate.

After July 8th, fully vaccinated travelers visiting from the mainland just need to present their vaccine card and upload it to Hawaii’s Safe Travels website.  Anyone traveling to Hawaii before July 8th will still be required to follow Covid 19 testing and quarantine requirements.  Hawaii’s Covid 19 testing mandate has been in place since October requiring travelers who do not get tested to adhere to a mandatory quarantine for 10 days.

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Ige also increased the number of people permitted at social gatherings from a maximum of 10 to 25 indoors and from 25 to 75 outdoors. Hawaii restaurants will also be able to conduct business at 75 percent capacity.  

Governor Ige reported that Hawaii is close to achieving a 70 percent vaccination rate.  Once the state reaches 70 percent, Ige inferred that he will end restrictions and we can return to the lives we remember.

On May 14th, Ige remarked that he wanted Hawaii to remain masked until 70-80 percent vaccination rates were achieved.  Now he says 60 percent because 70-80 percent is no longer realistically attainable.  July 8th was picked after the big holiday weekend so that the select companies (and the Democrat who own them) connected to Hawaii’s safe travels program can make one big holiday weekend’s money haul.  The selection of July 8th was not about achieving a vaccination number.  The selection of July 8th was solely making more money for the Hawaii’s Democrat Overlords.