Donald Trump – Second Impeachment

Picture of Donald Trump Thumbs Up

By: T. Jeffersonian

The United States House of Representatives impeached Donald Trump on January 13, 2021, with a single charge: incitement of insurrection for allegedly encouraging the deadly January 6, 202,1 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

The article of impeachment cited Trump’s months-long claims of election fraud and attempts to strong-arm state officials into changing the results of the November 3, 2021, election. In addition, the article cited his calls for supporters to gather at the “Save America” rally ahead of the Electoral College vote count on January 6, 2021. The article of impeachment also cites the speech Trump gave to his supporters as Congress began the count that day, urging them to go to the Capitol and show their “patriotism.”  It is alleged that Donald Trump willfully made statements that encouraged his supporters to engage in lawless behavior at the Capitol. A key phrase that the House Managers used as evidence was when The former President said to his supporters “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” 

Today, February 9, 2021, the Senate voted that it is constitutional for a former President to be impeached. Thus, the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump began and is expected to be concluded as late as next week. The interesting fact about this trial is that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, is not presiding, as they are only to preside if the current President is being impeached. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Patrick Leahy, is presiding. The fact that Chief Justice John Roberts is not presiding is giving some rise to question the constitutionality of this impeachment regardless of the Senate’s vote to the contrary.

The legal definition of insurrection is the act or an instance of revolting especially violently against civil or political authority or against an established government. The legal definition includes the crime of inciting or engaging in such revolt including whoever incites, assists, or engages in any rebellion or against the authority of the United States. The word revolt is defined as to rise in rebellion. 

Were there Liberal Insurrections in 2020?

Following the terrible death of George Floyd last year, there were protests throughout the United States. One of these protests occurred in Washington DC on May 30, 2020.  The protest occurred with such aggression that President Trump, the First Lady, and their son were taken to the White House bunker for protection. Washington DC is a Federal District administered by Congress and led by an elected Mayor. The May 2020 demonstrations were not peaceful. At the time the Secret Service said in a statement that it arrested six people and multiple agents were injured when protesters assaulted them with bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks, and other items. Videos from that demonstration showed protesters chasing journalists, throwing objects at officers wearing riot gear, and Secret Service agents responding with pepper spray. 

The DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, described Donald Trump during this protest as being a scared man, alone and afraid, hiding in the White House. Following the May 30, 2020 protest, Mayor Browser resisted having the National Guard from other states inside Washington DC; however, in the lead up to the January 6, 2021, Electoral Vote Count, she had no problem mobilizing and deploying National Guard troops sourced from all over the country. Did the summer 2020 DC protests aimed at the White House not meet the definition of an insurrection? Yes, one could argue that there was an insurrection in may of 2020. There was no liberal Congressional outcry over the May 2020 protest where federal agents were injured and luckily not killed. There was no liberal Congressional outcry against the state capital occupations through the spring, summer, and fall of 2020, some of which ended only after the November 2020 election through the use of force approved by liberal governors. Do these violent occupations not also meet the definition of an insurrection or a revolt?  They do. Could Mayor Bowser’s comments or even other comments by Congressional leaders about the President being alone, afraid, and scared not be taken as inciting a revolt?  The May 2020 protest set the stage for January 6, 2021. Considering the intentional inability of elected officials in DC and Congress from deliberately exercising the full responsibilities of their offices to advance political reasons, are these not grounds for the same articles of impeachment Donald Trump is currently being charged? 


First, the general rule should be if you have a career and other responsibilities, do not go to another state to protest. Stay in your city and do your job, especially if there is expected violence. The January 6, 2021, riots got out of hand due to the inaction of Congress and the DC Mayor who are both directly responsible for the safety and the administration of Washington DC. If they had faithfully carried out their duties, the violence would not have happened. Additionally, the riots in May 2020, would not have happened. 

Donald Trump needs to watch what he says too, as he has the capability of inciting a plethora of reactions. That is a skill that he never acquired while in office. Writing and saying whatever he felt like both helped and hurt him. He is not going to be convicted by the Senate. If he were convicted, he would become a martyr for the Republican party. Mitch McConnell does not want Donald Trump lingering around like a martyr, angrily ruling the direction of the party, pulling the Republican Party apart, picking and backing Tea Party or Bull Moose candidates for the next four to eight years! Mitch wants Donald damaged and humiliated because traditional legacy Republicans doubt that he will run in 2024 when he is 78 years old. Chuck Schumer does not want Donald Trump hanging around the capitol because he will become an unpredictable distraction that will dilute the platform that the legacy Republican Party would like to push forward.

Democrats will cause major problems within the government and the country as a whole, as they are going to implement policies that will cause the global community to view the United States as a weak nation. Democrats do not want a Donald Trump hippopotamus on Joe Biden’s trampoline for the next two to four years. Nancy Pelosi does not want to lose control of the House because Donald Trump will incite a peaceful red wave at the voting booth to take the House. Politicians all want Trump to go away but also want to keep him at arm’s length.  Donald Trump is the ultimate scapegoat for both parties. We impeached him twice and censured him once! He can still run. The thing that hurt Donald Trump the worst, was banning him from social media. Congress did not have anything directly to do with those bans, but the bans certainly pulled Trump’s fangs to an extent. If the Democrats were smart, they would never have impeached him. They would have kept his social media fangs pulled, and then sat back and watched him be torn to shreds through successive lawsuits and diminishing returns from a very polarized brand. With impeachment and acquittal, they keep him relevant for now, which is not what they want to do if they were smart.

Educate yourself!