Dreams that Matter

Dream Clouds

By: David Stewart

Have you ever had someone tell you something that made you look at things differently than you ever have before? I think we have all had those moments that somehow shape, create, or change your life, one of mine came through a conversation. It was about seven years ago that a man asked me a question that after I answered it, I realized the error of my ways. It was not a trick question, but it was one that I struggled to answer simply because no one ever asked me in that way before. I look back at it now and realize that because of that question it has changed everything about my life. My answer has guided me and kept me focused since that memorable day. Are you intrigued yet? Allow me to further explain these words that have continuously challenged me in hopes that they also challenge you.

I was in a season in life that was confusing to say the least. I had just moved to Florida; just got a new job in a line of work I had no experience in and really had no support of family or friends. I had a very random and strange conversation with a customer in the Salvation Army, that led me to meet another stranger who was a pastor. I drove to his office and thought I would be there for a few minutes, but it turned into a four-hour conversation instead. We talked about our past and talked about the events that had to take place to put me in front of him, and even talked about God.

Then he asked me a question that caught me off guard and left me trying to come up with an answer that sounds spiritual, but logical as well. He said, “David, at this point in your life at your age and your experiences, what is your dream? If you could get your dreams answered today, what would that look like at this point in your life? What is your dream?”

We all have dreams when we are young, dreams to be a great athlete or dreams to be that famous singer, that question is not hard to answer when your ten.  The problem was I was in my late thirties, this was not a question you asked someone who had more failures than successes. I thought about it for a few minutes and then gave my best logical answer, I would want to have a home paid off, stability in my life, possibly be in a situation where I felt secure. I could have said to win the lottery or something, but he was a pastor, so I did not feel that was the way to go.

He then looked at me and said that was not a bad dream it just was not the right dream. That confused me, because it was my dream, who was he to say if it was right or not! Then he said this, “The problem with that dream is that you do not need God to achieve it. If you do not need God to help you, then how big of a part in your life does he really have in it?” At first it seemed like some attack on my spiritual position, but he was not wrong.

We continued this conversation for hours and he went on to explain that if someone gave me an inheritance, or I did win the lottery that my dreams could be completed by a man or man-made scheme. The solution to all my dreams was driven by money not God. If I did not really need God to achieve my “dreams” then how much did I really seek or know him? This man was not attacking my spiritual position he was exposing the lack of it. He was right!

The Bible says to seek God and you will find him, but how motivated are you to seek him if your dreams do not even need him to be fulfilled. He then went on to offer this advice that I have never forgot. He said this. “I need you to dream bigger, dream so big that if the God of the universe don’t get involved then you have no chance to ever see your dreams come true. If you do this, you will always be in a place of seeking, praying, which will lead to you knowing God and God knowing you.” This was the best advice I have ever received, and it has changed my life.

Are you dreaming with God? Are your dreams so big that they demand his constant attention and yours? Are your praying every day to not just make it to heaven, but for heaven to make it into you? The world will always tell you to not get your hopes up about things, but the Bible encourages you to get your hopes way up. Your hopes and even dreams must be in him, not the world.

Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed.                    Proverbs 16:3 TPT

One question from a random meeting, by a random man, caused me look at life differently. It made me really understand that even thought I knew about God, I was not involving him enough in my life to cause me to seek him. Things have changed since that day and I no longer dream about homes and security, now my dreams are really quite the opposite of that. My dream now is to one day be standing on a broken-down platform in the middle of people plagued with poverty, sickness, disease, and sin and preach the gospel. After I preach and share my testimony, I will see a million people give their life to the Lord. That is my dream!  I was praying about it several years ago and I felt the Lord tell me this…” If you are going to preach in front of millions, let us give you something to say.” My life has not been the same since!

My encouragement for you all is this, Dream again with God! Perhaps life has left you in unfamiliar places or even fearful times when your just unsure of your direction. Maybe your dreams have been answered and you think your exactly where you should be. The safest place you can possibly be is out on a limb with God. It is that place where things are risky, unpredictable and you need God in every moment just to make it to the next. Those are God sized moments that God sized dreams are created from. When you are constantly seeking to find God, it will not be long before you really find him. When you really find God, dreams come true, and they are much better than you thought they could be!