Georgia Election Laws and Biden

Picture of voting machines

By: T. Jeffersonian

 Before we begin this article, just a word of advice for President Joe Biden and our Congressional leaders – your focus remains defeating Coronavirus and returning the United States to pre-pandemic normalcy.  For decades, you have demonstrated very clearly that you cannot walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.  Stay focused on the most important issues to us at the moment. 

During the 2020 national election, Georgia elected Joe Biden and changed the United States Senate majority.  This was the first time since Bill Clinton won the state in 1992, that Georgia had gone Democrat during a Presidential Election. The Georgia state legislature is still however Republican controlled.  

Georgia is the first of 30 states controlled by Republican legislatures that have new election laws up for voting.  This week, the Georgia state legislature approved broad new elections laws that add an ID requirement for voters requesting an absentee ballot, cut the length of runoffs, and effectively turn the election board over to the legislature. It also limits drop boxes and prohibits people from giving voters in line food or beverages. Voters in Georgia’s primaries faced several-hour lines at times, particularly near and in Atlanta, a heavily Democratic area in the closely divided state.  The new Georgia laws could potentially affect up to 2.7 million Georgia voters, although there are numerous experts who contend that these election laws are not unreasonable nor insurmountable to voter mobilization. 

President Joe Biden immediately slammed Georgia’s new voting restrictions, calling them 21st-century Jim Crow and urging Congress to pass election reform bills.  Biden said that the Georgia laws is a blatant attack on the Constitution, good conscience, and common decency.  In his statement, President Biden called on the U.S. Congress to pass H.R. 1, or the For the People Act, which would reform ballot access and campaign finance. H.R. 1 require states to offer same-day voting registration as well as two weeks of early voting, among other things. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill earlier this month but it faces an uphill battle in the Senate amid heavy Republican criticism of the bill.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the bill is about rigging the electoral system in favor of the Democrats. 

During the 2020 National Election, Biden and the Democrats benefited from expanded election permissions due to Coronavirus.  The added permissions expanded absentee ballot voting both before and after the election date itself.  Additional drop boxes away from voter booths were installed.  Though no voter fraud was discovered, there were minor voter irregularities, which was not in itself unreasonable.  The Democrats say these changes are motivated in part by unfounded suspicions about last year’s elections results.  Election officials have said repeatedly there is no evidence of widespread fraud in those contests and that the latest changes are aimed to improve voter confidence in the integrity of the election. 

There has been some tragedies the past two weeks – the Atlanta mass murder and the Boulder mass murder.  Liberals and Democrats characterized the Atlanta mass murder as an American with Asian ethnicity hate crime.  Those accusations have been debunked by the police as having been perpetrated by a sex addict.   The Boulder mass murder was initially characterized by the same group of Liberals and Democrats as a crime specifically perpetrated by a white man and that the only reason that murderer survived his police apprehension was because he was white.  Nothing was mentioned about all the innocent victims of the Boulder mass murder having been Americans with Caucasian ethnicity.  In response to the Georgia voting laws, that too was characterized by liberals, Democrats, and President Biden as being purely racially motivated.  

These examples are not the first times that Joe Biden has used racism to divide voters and to deliberately seek through accusations of racism to keep himself and his party in power.   In 2012, Joe Biden exclaimed to potential voters that Mitt Romney was going to put y’all [Americans with African ethnicity] back in chains.  In 2020, Biden told Americans with African ethnicity, that if they have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black. In 1977, then Senator Biden said mandatory busing to integrate schools would lead to a racial jungle.   

Such examples will continue as Democrats continue to exclaim that they want to unite us but every action positions us for continued division and further exploitation.  Americans must always remember that United we stand, divided we fall.   Winning a vote is purely about generating volume or turnout at the polls.  Republicans messed up in 2020 by trying to primarily vote on election day.  24 hours was simply not enough time, especially during the pandemic.  Democrats simply out strategized Republicans in 2020.  Democrats took advantage of pandemic induced more liberalized voting procedures and policies and got more voters to the polls over the longer voting periods.  

In 2022 and beyond, Republicans must start voting as soon as voting opens in every state.  Voting should never be a question about race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.  Voting should only be about who will lead the country best for us all regardless our party.