Grassroots Politics in Hawaii – The Republican Party

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By: D. Kennedy

First, let me express my displeasure with Hawaii’s Republican Party. I have reached out to them on at least two occasions via email to help support them. Do you know what I got in return? Nothing, no return email, or phone call.

The first thing the local Republican Party needs to do is respond to their base. I am willing to bet if I contacted Hawaii’s Democratic Party, I would get a response. Why would they respond? Because they are well more organized than our party. This is not only true here in Hawaii but across the nation.

I read a tweet the other day from Hawaii’s Republican Party. It was about who should run for president in 2024. Really, how about who is running locally in the next elections in 2022. We know Kirk Caldwell and Josh Green will be running for Governor. Who is in the pipeline on the Republican Party? Democrat Ed Case is up for reelection for the US Congress. Who is in the pipeline for the Republican Party? Democrat Donovan Dela Cruz is up for reelection of State Senator for District 22. Who is in the pipeline on the Republican Party? I have not even touched on all the city council elections coming up statewide. Does the Republican Party have a start on these?

My point is, more than 196,000 people in Hawaii cast their ballots for Donald Trump in 2020. He won more votes in Hawaii than any other Republican presidential candidate since statehood in 1959. The Hawaii Republican Party should work hard to capitalize on this movement for our local elections. We cannot wait to find candidates, find good candidates now and start the election process now, time is of the essence. We can turn this state red with a plan and some serious effort on everyone’s part.

The Democrats are way ahead of Republicans on a long-term game plan and organization. They are organized on the local and county levels all over the country. They have a plan to implement their socialist programs and we as Republicans sit back and let it happen because our leaders think we cannot recover.

My advice to Hawaii’s Republican Party is get started now, unite our base, and attract others. You could start with returning phone calls and answering emails. It is called grassroot politics, focus on local elections!

If we do not, they will win, and we get closer to socialism and out of control spending. Read these books to help understand the conservative viewpoint.