Hawaii Coronavirus Update

Picture of a green corona virus

By: T. Jeffersonian

On March 19, 2021, Hawaii recorded 587,465 Coronavirus vaccinations. This number breaks down into 369,835 Hawaii residents having had one dose (26.01 percent of Hawaii’s population) and 224,113 Hawaii residents having had both doses and being fully vaccinated (15.76 percent of the population). Since December 25, 2021 when we began vaccinations in the state, the 587,465 vaccinations are an incredible achievement. Whether Democrat or Republican, any hands and minds involved in this effort to defeat the pandemic are truly commended. It is the Trump vaccines, being distributed by the Biden administration. Well done, but get back to work. The United States leads vaccine administration globally because of us all. Run through the Coronavirus finish line but get ready for the next race. There will be one.

Despite the vaccination successes in the state thus far, Maui’s Mayor is seeing an uptick in Coronavirus cases and blames this uptick on Maui residents growing complacent. State doctors say the rise in Coronavirus cases on Maui is due to the California variant, which is found in 75 percent of the Maui’s cases. The California variant is a more contagious version of the novel Coronavirus, but is on average not any more severe. Lack of severity is not an excuse to breathe easily. Complacency does kill. Hawaiians must take themselves out of the viral kill chain by getting vaccinated, masking up, social distancing, and disinfecting.

Why is it important for all Hawaiians to get vaccinated and why is important to continue masking, socially distancing, and disinfecting? In a viral war, a human body is both a factory and a weapon. The human body is made up on average of 15 trillion cells. At the peak of contagiousness, a single Coronavirus entering a single human body, reprograms that body’s 15 trillion cells to make anywhere from one billion to 100 billion cloned copies of the virus. One infected person, producing and spreading billions of virions can hypothetically infect the entire world population millions of times over. The virion cloning process is not exact. As billions of copies are made inside one human body, genetic deletions and duplications in the cloning process occur.

Usually, the genetic mutations (changes) to the virus’ genome through the cloning process create benign or harmless versions of the virus. Though changed, these mutated virus’ contagiousness and severity will remain the same, be less, or be not at all. In some cases, however, a more severe, more contagious variety of the virus is created. This is how the novel Coronavirus mutated into the more contagious California and United Kingdom versions and how the novel Coronavirus mutated into the more severe South African and Brazilian versions.

American vaccines have shown between 85 percent and 95 percent efficacy by preventing severe Coronavirus illness. Medical experts know that the vaccines are good for at least three months, and it will probably be longer, but it might not be lifelong. The length of antibody effectiveness varies slightly person to person due to health quality, age, autoimmunity, and environmental conditions. While immunity from vaccines might not last forever, getting large numbers of people vaccinated quickly is what will end the pandemic. Large numbers of vaccination quickly prevent spreading the virus and the ensuing creation of

additional factories and weapons from appearing on the viral battlefield. The Coronavirus vaccines work well against the novel, California, and UK versions. The vaccines are not as effective against the South African and Brazilian versions. Specific vaccines are being developed for the more severe variations but as we have seen, vaccine development, testing, production, distribution, and administration takes time. Finally, Hawaiians have to continue disinfecting. Scientists found that Coronavirus can be detected in air for up to three hours and on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces for up to three days. These findings emphasize the continued importance of hand washing and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces to protect against infection.

One Hawaii resident, choosing not to get vaccinated, can get infected, perhaps mutate the virus to a more severe and contagious form, spread that new virus, and cause the entire world to start over from the very beginning. I am an advocate of Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death cannot be done with arms and free speech alone. We can successfully fight this virus with vaccines, taking the vaccines, masking, socially distancing, and disinfecting. Doing these things is answering a call to serve when there is an enemy trying to invade your home or your country. An enemy is trying to invade, but instead of your home and country, this enemy is trying to invade your body, your loved ones’ bodies, and your neighbors’ bodies. It is not a thinking enemy. It has no will to break, but it can break your will, and it will leave you feeling helpless, frustrated, and anxious. You can effectively fight back!

Take the shots. We need one million more Hawaiians to get vaccinated in order to have state herd immunity. Give your neighbors liberty by getting vaccinated. Remove yourself as a factory and a weapon on our viral battlefield by masking and socially distancing. Break the kill chain by disinfecting. Join the fight and do your duty as a fellow Hawaiian and neighbor. CHEE-HOO! I GOT THE SHOT!