Hawaii Gasoline Prices Are Going Through the Roof

Person Pumping Gas

By: Amoka Mele

Gas prices in Hawaii continue to soar.  Some parts of the state are paying as much as $4.16 per gallon for regular unleaded.  In Honolulu, the average price for a gallon of unleaded regular was just above $3.90.  The last time gas price averages reached this level in Hawaii was in November 2014 when we had another pro-Climate Democrat occupying the White House and of course, the same Democrats who have occupied Honolulu for decades.   Regardless the party that controls DC, Hawaii Democrats have historically kept gas prices in our state amongst the highest in America. 

The federal government, the state government, and the county government all tax gasoline.  The federal government taxes 18.4 cents per gallon.  Hawaii imposes a state tax on liquid fuels and allows the counties to impose a county fuel tax on top of it. Currently, the state tax on gasoline is 18 cents per gallon. The county tax is 16.5 cents per gallon in Honolulu, 17 cents in Kauai, and 23 cents in Maui and on the Big Island.  For every gallon of gas bought, a citizen pays over 50 cents in taxes.  These taxes do not include General Excise Taxes and other hidden fees associated with transportation costs that are distributed to the purchase price per gallon.  Comparatively, on the mainland, the average is $3.05, almost a dollar lower than in Hawaii.

At over $4.00 per gallon of diesel, a tractor trailer going from New York to California spends $5,000 in fuel one-way.  Not only are we going to see a continued rise in gas prices, but food prices, electricity prices, water, and every other cost loosely attached to fuel.  

Hawaii resident think our high gas prices are ridiculous but they have no choice but to pay them.  Our government officials say it is hard to predict when we could see some relief.  Officials describe seeing an overall worldwide increase in oil prices that has been happening since the beginning of the year.  These continually rising gasoline prices are troubling coming out at a time where there is a lot of struggles, and the tourism industry has not come back fully yet.  

When Obama was in the White House and gas prices were this high, we heard stuff like don’t speed and ensure your tires are properly inflated.  How about we hear stuff like the United States is going to continue to be the world leader and exporter of fossil fuels until we are the leader in alternative fuels?  How about, we are going to put solar panels and batteries in every home, or we are going to replace gas stations one-for-one with electric charging stations?  How about, we will subsidize or pay for purely fossil fuel engines to become hybrid engines or electric motors?  We are buying and giving away hundred of millions of Covid 19 vaccines.  We have paid people for a year to stay home and not work.  We have shut down whole pipelines that would brought in millions of gallons of oil in per week. 

Strategic decisions could be made to drive down costs and transition us to alternative energy, instead we get Paris Climate Accord, cancel Keystone XL, and inflate your tires.  Gas prices began rising when oil companies and OPEC were certain Joe Biden was going to be the next President.  Our leaders give enemies information which they use to take advantage of us.  Keystone XL canceled, all in on Paris Climate Accord, no drilling on federal lands…. hmmm…. time to raise gas prices.  Colonial Pipeline hack…. hmmm…. time to raise the prices.  Do not know when supply will be back so kept prices up.  Summit with Putin…. hmmm…let us lift some sanctions and let Russian petroleum flow again. 

Democrat taxes are suffocating.  Your taxes are putting our recovery in a closed garage with the car running.  Democrats are attempting to force transition on us to alternative energy with no supporting infrastructure except their donors ready to cash in on contracts.  We are paying mountains of taxes for mountains of continued Democrat bullshit that cannot burn in our automobiles.  Gas prices will continue to rise until the Democrats are out of power or we are out of money to pay for gas.