Hawaii Governor Caught Off Guard…Again

David Ige

By: Jeff Tadashi

Like all governors across the country, Governor David Ige acknowledged that he was caught off guard by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) announcement on May 13, 2021.  The CDC announced that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to wear masks or practice social distancing indoors or outdoors, except under certain circumstances.  Ige professed to having had a weekly call with the White House, and there being no indication that that such an announcement was in the works. 

David Ige’s acknowledgement is either a lie or is an admission of his political naivete or of Hawaii Democrats simply being on the outside.  From the photos inside Nancy Pelosi’s salon, we certainly know that not all Democrats are equal!  Some Democrats are more equal than others.  David Ige is clearly in the “others” category.

The more equal Democrats – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – had to do something quick to take the nation’s mind off the Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack, the gasoline shortages, rising gasoline prices, and tensions caused by the attack.  Biden and Harris could not afford for their quiet diplomacy with the Russians and their lifting of some sanctions, to get in the spotlight shown by the Colonial Pipeline attack.  They decided to pull a CDC rope-a-dope to pull the spotlight firmly back onto Covid 19.  The best means to pull the spotlight quickly was with an announcement of spectacular pandemic success.  When Biden and Harris successfully pulled off their political rope-a-dope, everyone forgot about the Colonial Pipeline attack.  No one realizes that gas prices in Hawaii today are the highest that they have been since 2018!  The gas prices in Hawaii are still rising.  All everyone wants to know about here is when will Hawaii drop the mask mandate.  No one is asking when and if gas prices will drop.

Regardless, Ige did say that he expects to lift Hawaii’s mask mandate by mid-June 2021.  The state is currently looking at how to reward those who have been vaccinated without violating the rights of those who have elected not.   

Given the recent rope-a-dope surprise, Ige needs to be especially prepared to have Hawaii as close to normal as possible on July 4, 2021.  Earlier this year, Biden said he wanted to be normal by July 4, 2021 by having 70 percent of the U.S. population vaccinated.  Biden is shifting methods from mass vaccinations to local, walk-in vaccinations to keep moving toward that target. Based upon current vaccination rates at just below 1 million per day, Biden will hit 70 percent around July 4, 2021.

Everyone must expect more CDC Voodoo Magic to be released prior to July 4, 2021.   If Ige does not have Hawaii looking good so that it can make Joe and Kamala look good on July 4, 2021, then Ige should not be surprised to get less money than requested from Jobs and Families legislation funding.  The more equal Democrats will certainly punish the other Democrats by withholding government funding.