Is Hawaii a Failed Communist State

Comi on a train

By: Keao Duke Liko

I have read several recent articles likening Hawaii to a failed Communist state.  I agree with them. 

Globally, the world no longer sees dissidents being openly slaughtered in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany, or Tiananmen Square.   We now see the politically correct version of genocide.  Now dissidents are being reeducated in internment camps.  We see them being banned from having children or being restricted to having only one, maybe two.  We see them restricted from going to institutions of higher learning or having skilled jobs that pay well.  We see them prohibited from owning property.  We see most of this occurring to the Uyghurs in western China or in Putin’s Russia.  Many of these single-party states failed long ago.  Those that endure, are led by incredibly wealthy, long seated leaders.  Like Hawaii.

Chinese, Russian, and Korean Communist states all were characterized with having a single party – the Communist Party.  Surprisingly, they still held national elections.  Elections in the Soviet Union would be held every 4 years where the citizens would go to the polling station and vote for a single candidate. These candidates who were going to be elected for 4 years were approved by the Communist Party themselves and were the only option on the ballot.  The Party chooses the candidates.  The peoples’ votes were only for global show.

In Hawaii, the Democratic Party is the only party.  In the state Senate there is only one Republican and 24 Democrats.  In the state House, there are four Republicans and 47 Democrats.  Since 1959, the state has elected just one Republican U.S. Senator, Hiram Fong, who served from 1959 to 1977, and two Republican House members. The rest have all been Democrats. Hawaii is currently represented in the Senate by Democrats Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz. In the House, Ed Case (HI-1) and Kai Kahele (HI-2) represent the state.  

As for our eight Governors since statehood, only two have been Republicans, serving a total of 12 years out of 62 total.  Of the eight, only four have been born in Hawaii, and only one would describe themselves as a Native Hawaiian.  When you look at all the faces of the highest Democrats in this state currently, they are either Asians or haoles and the majority of them were not born here.

In Hawaii elections, the Democrats decide who our candidates will be.  We see the same names over and over again.  Names like Hirono, Hanabusa, Case, Abercrombie, and Gabbard.  Hawaiian residents have little to no real election choices.  The Democrats decide for us.  We are left with only two choices, vote for the Democrat, or do not vote at all.

What has this one-party state now gotten us?  The Democrats have given us all the highest cost of living and the highest taxes in the United States.  We have the highest percentage of homeless-to-population ratio in country.  We have the country’s highest gasoline prices.  We have been in hundreds of millions of dollars in debt for over a decade.  The debt is going up, not down. 

We are more dependent on Washington DC for money than we are dependent on our own economy.  Our economy has only two viable assets – tourism and federal funding.  If there is a disaster, we have only seven days of food in the islands to feed 1.42 million people.   We have only one state owned electric company.  It imports fossil fuels to provide us 62 percent of the electricity that we use.

Native Hawaiians are the poorest, least educated, and most incarcerated ethic group in the state.  At the top of state’s alcohol and drug abuse in the state…. Native Hawaiians.  Ethnic group that owns the fewest homes…. Native Hawaiians.  Most exploited females in the state… Native Hawaiians.  Most cases of spouse and child abuse… Native Hawaiians. 

Native Hawaiians cannot afford children unless we go on welfare. Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered why Mazie Hirono pushes so hard for publicly funded birth control?  Could it possibly be that she does not want Native Hawaiians to have children? 

We cannot afford higher education unless we take out loans.  We can only work according to the unions who are all tied to and directed by the Democrats.  The ethic group most leaving the state… Native Hawaiians.    We cannot afford to buy or live on the state’s prime real estate.  We are dependent on socialized housing that the Democrats promise to build but then never do. 

There have been Asian Hate Crimes legislation proposed by our own Congressional delegation, the majority of whom are Asians and haoles.  There is Critical Race Theory now mandated in our schools.  Black Lives Matter.  What about Native Hawaiian lives? 

In a single-party Democrat led Communist state, Native Hawaiian Lives do not really matter unless we are on land coveted by the Democrats.  Our lands are being stolen behind a veil of lies and hollow promises.  We are Uyghurs.  We are Tartars. We are Tibetans.  We are being re-educated, outspent, and forced through the threat of sustained poverty to move out of our homes.  Under the Democrats, Native Hawaiians are an endangered species from a politically correct genocide led by a Communist regime.

It is time for Native Hawaiians to unify as conservative voting bloc and reclaim our land and our freedoms.  Our ethnic survival depends on tearing down the walls that the Democrat Communists have built around us in Hawaii.