Updates From Mayor Caldwell Show No Promises:

Honolulu Hale

By: D. Kennedy

Mayor Kirk Caldwell recently held a news conference to talk about the launch of Oahu’s COVID-19 Recovery Framework plan. The plan outlines loosening business and activity restrictions while reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the City. The goal is to simplify the framework, reduce positive case transmission, and reduce the likelihood of having to impose drastic restrictions. 

The framework is split into four tiers, which is determined by the number of daily cases reported and the positivity rate over 2-4 week periods. While Oahu still remains in Tier 1, it is looking at moving into Tier 2 by October 22. This would open indoor personal care services and expand their customer capacity. 

People are out of work and have zero income. But hey, none of the friends in government are losing out on their paychecks. Mayor Caldwell has been selectively following the CDC suggestions to his benefit. It’s time he stops acting like he has any care for the people of this island.

The tier’s in Oahu’s recovery plan are based on reopening depending on the coronavirus positivity rates. It is a deeply flawed discussion as it can’t be used reliably as a metric for re-opening. 

We need leadership that does not advocate any more shutdowns. People want to get back to work. Even the World Health Organization has said to end the lockdowns and let people get back to work. Scientists are supposed to explain the implications and leaders are supposed to implement the plans. Somehow, the wires got crossed.