Joe Biden – Coronavirus and Economic Recoveries

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By: T. Jeffersonian

In the two weeks before President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Pew Research Center conducted a survey to identify the top priorities of the American people. The top two priorities are (1) strengthening the economy and (2) dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic

Joe Biden made claims last year during his National Presidential campaign that if the former President Trump had done his job correctly, all those who have died from Covid-19 would still be alive. Joe Biden has been President now for 21 days and  over 40,000 more Americans have died from Covid 19. “Come on man! Gimme a break!” The liberal Press vilified Donald Trump for deliberating on whether injecting disinfectant would be a viable treatment option during a White House press briefing. Why is the Press not holding President Biden responsible for saying that if we elected him the deaths would stop because he would do the job?  Biden lied to us to get the votes. He sensationalized his capabilities to fix Coronavirus and he cannot. He is no more capable than Donald Trump was. We changed horses mid-stream and Biden and his team are playing catch up.  

In the United States, we are currently vaccinating approximately 1.4 million people per day. We need to give a total of 463 million vaccinations to achieve herd immunity with 70 percent population vaccinated. Current projections are that herd immunity in the United States might be achievable by Thanksgiving 2021. We are in for a longer ride to recovery than Democrats and the government as a whole has led us to believe.

The scary part is the rest of the world might achieve herd immunity in seven years! The virus is already mutating with UK, South African, and Brazilian variations. The vaccine is still effective with most of the vaccines, with the South African variation as the exception. The United States must be ready. We are going to live with Covid-19 for a long time. The need is to stay ahead of the virus’s evolution and have the next vaccines and boosters ready. Once we achieve herd immunity, we need to be ready for the second series of 2022 vaccinations. 

As a country, we need to decide what efforts we are going to do for the rest of the world regarding Covid-19. Should we become the arsenal of medicine for the world? If Democrats truly want to restore America’s leadership position and distance our country from the Make America Great Again policies, then we need to become the arsenal of medication and vaccines. If we want to restore our liberties and return to the life we once knew,  our country must become the leader in medicine, so we do not stay locked up inside our homes or within our country’s boarders. Becoming the leader in medicine will create jobs and allow us to compete with countries like China and Russia. Life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness means fighting diseases, fighting famine, fighting climate change, and fighting wars.

Chicago just opened their schools this week after agreeing with the Chicago Teachers Union. There is no herd immunity in Chicago. Is it more safe now than it was last fall when the schools remained closed due to Democrat suggestion? They did not open schools because Democrats wanted the conditions to appear dier in order to enable the November 2020 election victory. Now that they are in control of the White House, is it suddenly safe to open schools?  Come on man!  Gimme a break”!  Democrats are catering to unions, not to constituents.  

Strengthening the Economy

The job market in The United States must return to its former glory! This way we can not only create more jobs and raise wages quickly, but also hopefully be able to pay the taxes being raised by the Democrats. The government is not going to create any sustainable jobs anytime soon, so private companies must take on that responsibility. Private companies that have not been severely injured by the pandemic can raise wages now. It is possible that creating new government jobs could take months to years.

The price of gasoline in this country is already rising. Rising gas prices are going to be felt in the prices of homes, in utility bills, and health care costs. If the Democrats want to help us, they must mitigate the issues arising from the cost of oil and gas. Gas prices have gone up over .24 cents per gallon since Joe Biden won the election. Rising prices coincided with his win and speculators raised the oil prices on the forecast of what Biden was expected to do in regards to the Keystone XL drilling on federal land. Our country needs to use the money from the petroleum industry to fund the complete move to alternative fuels. We need to redirect the Paris Climate financial obligations back to the United States in order to reduce the 14 percent of carbon emissions that we domestically produce!

Why are we giving billions of dollars annually to developing countries to reduce their carbon emissions all the while China is producing more greenhouse gases than the United States? Americans need jobs, including the newly American immigrants coming to join us. We need the Paris Climate funds to remain in our country and reduce the 14 percent of the world’s emissions that we produce. The United States needs those funds to create jobs. Those funds are needed so we can become the world leader in green energy production. The United States must be the world’s pioneer in green energy production, exportation, and research for the 21st century. When China and Russia see us moving forward, becoming the world leader in alternative energy, they will compete with us, and through that competition they will reduce their carbon emissions.  

Raising minimum wage to $15 per hour is a great start. We will have to raise wages because the consumer price for everything is going to rise due to Democrat taxes and rising gasoline prices. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 will cost 1.4 million jobs in four years and increase the federal deficit by $54 billion over 10 years. The CBO also estimated that the minimum wage raise would lift 900,000 people out of poverty and raise income for 17 million people — about 1 in 10 workers.

Why rob Peter to pay Paul? Do we have to lose 1.4 million jobs in the next four years when we are trying to recover from the COVIS-19 pandemic? Lets keep those jobs but open our economy so that business competition can raise wages and create more jobs? Business owners want to help. Ervin Magic Johnson raised $325 million to help more than 10,000 businesses remain operational during the pandemic. We need business people like Magic Johnson setting policy for wages. We cannot afford to have career politicians, who have served for decades in DC, dig us deeper and deeper into debt, and to hold us back as a nation just so they can keep themselves and their parties in power!  


Left up to the federal government, we will not return to “normal” before Thanksgiving 2021. Both 2020-2021 will be devastatingly bad years, with 2021 being only marginally better than 2020. 2021 will not be judged on the devastation that the pandemic has caused, but will be judged on how well the economic restoration is carried out. The economic recovery will unfortunately be a shell game played with diminishing wealth. Wealth will be taken from the middle and upper classes and reallocated to the less fortunate. There will not be a full shift in wealth, because the government is going to take it out of our pockets, into theirs. The wealth will be shifted to the elite politicians that will recover from the pandemic faster than you can say “COVID-19.” They obviously know how to manage our lives better than we do.