Juneteenth and Native Hawaiian Troubles

juneteenth flag

By: Manu Kala

Governor David Ige signed legislation on June 16, 2021, to recognize June 19 as Juneteenth.  Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.  The holiday originated in Galveston, Texas, and been celebrated annually on June 19 in various parts of the United States since 1866.

Hawaii was the 49th state to recognize Juneteenth.  Ige’s recognition, which stopped short of making Juneteenth a state holiday, came only hours before Congress approved Juneteenth as a federal holiday and only one day before President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law. 

The Hawaii Democrats were out of time.  National Juneteenth recognition was imminent.  Democrats here acted only to curry favor in a larger bid to hopefully be awarded federal jobs and family act related funding.  Had national Juneteenth recognition not been imminent in DC, Hawaii Democrats would not have acted at all.

As he signed the Juneteenth recognition, Governor Ige said that racism is not as prevalent in Hawaii as it is in other states.  Governor Ige is wrong.  Racism is here in Hawaii.  Racism in Hawaii is present.  It is directed at Native Hawaiians.  Native Hawaiians deflect the racism back out of self-defense. The Democrats tell us that we have been victimized by imperialist Republicans, but it is the Democrats who have victimized us.

Native Hawaiians are being interned and enslaved by poverty in Hawaii.  We are being moved out of prime real estate by the rising costs of living.  Costs that Hawaii’s Democrats are deliberately driving up.  We are the poorest, most unemployed ethnic group in Hawaii.  We own the fewest numbers of homes in the state.  We are leaving the state because we cannot afford to live here where we were born. Our numbers are declining.  We cannot afford to have more children.  Our levels of drug use and alcohol abuse are the highest in the state.  We are the highest incarcerated ethic group in the state!

The Democrats have told us for years that they are going to build more affordable housing.  They have built 10,000 houses on Oahu in the last six years.  Each one costs over $800,000.  We cannot afford them.  Yes! Keep the country, country so the Native Hawaiians are not in the city!  They do not want us there.  They are afraid our presence will devalue their wealth!

Our black Hawaiian neighbors account for 4 percent of Hawaii’s population.  Thankfully for them, they are the state’s most employed ethnic group.  However, neither blacks nor Native Hawaiians are increasing in numbers in Hawaii.  We are both declining because of Democrat policies.  As a declining voting bloc, we will never pose a threat to our Democrat overlords. 

We no longer present a threat, but we do represent opportunities.  Opportunistically, we are trooped out by our Democrat overseers when they want to weaponize us to further their purposes.  “Oh, look at this poor Native specimen right here?!  The Republicans overthrew the kingdom and took away their lands!  Give we Democrats some money to help alleviate their pain and correct their wrongs!”  We never see the benefits of that money because all of it goes into the Democrat Overlord’s pockets.   

Tell me that I am wrong!  Under the Democrats, things for Native Hawaiians are going to get a hell of a lot worse. Native Hawaiians deserve a state liberation day from our elitist Democrat Overlords.