Political Correctness Gone Mad

Picture of Kids Books in a Library

By: Dennis Gregory 

They are banning Dr. Seuss books. Our society has finally lost it. This is political correctness gone bad.

Censoring an innocent children’s book marks the downfall of intelligent thought. A nicer way to say it is that it is just plain silly. To find something harmful in a harmless children’s book, the problem is not in the book, but you.

Come on, Dr. Seuss? Really?! They might as well ban Disney movies, wait a minute, they Are banning Disney movies. No more zipitty do da sung by a friendly black man. No more Song of the South movie, they say it hints of the Confederacy and slavery. There is a stretch for you.

Now Disney has warning labels on the Muppets. Watch out for Big Bird, he will corrupt your children. America has lost its mind. Someone put something in the water.

Somehow, we have slipped into a parallel, infantile universe where adults believe that Kindergarten cartoon shows are real and will ruin our lives. To many people have become so paranoid and delusional they believe the cartoon characters, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, Pepe Le Pew represent evil and will corrupt our mind.

I cannot imagine what they will do to Lilo and Stitch.

Guess what else they finally got, Mr. Potato Head, that male chauvinist potato? He was called ‘Mister’ all these years. Didn’t he realize the pain he was causing to all the female potatoes out there? They longed for equality, cried their eyes out.

The toy company had to give in and dropped the ‘Mr.’, now he’s only plain Potato Head. All is equal in Potato Land. We can breathe easier.

Give me a break. Believing that cartoon animals and cartoon people seriously affect our lives must be a form of insanity. Hello, they are not real, they are just pretend.

What happened to being grown up adult people that can discern fact from fiction?

How did hardy Americans turn into wimpy little kids scared of Big Bird?

This leads to changing the names of football teams. They want to make everything nice. They changed the long-ago offensive word Redskins to Washington Football Team, and dropped the name Pittsburgh Pirates because pirates were bad guys long ago.

Words from the past and no longer have the same meaning they once had. Over time they have turned into logos and toys for kids. They have lost their punch.

Redskins is no longer the horrible word it was long ago. After seventy years of cheering the hometown football team it is changed into something fun and good, now it is just a football cheer. 

Same with Pirates, they have turned into likeable guys like Captain Jack Sparrow and the pirate on the cereal box. They are symbols from the past. Those who focus on pictures on a football helmet need to find a real problem to solve.

As for censoring kid’s cartoons, that is easy to answer.

If they can show violent cop shows all day long, and endless reruns of the horrible Capitol riot they can endure Elmer Fudd asking the whereabouts of that Wascal Wabbit.

 I will end with Porky Pig’s immortal words, “That’s All folks!”