Politicizing and Dividing through Ethnic Differences

Picture of an Ethnic Group of Friends

By: T. Jeffersonian

There are 331 million Americans. Of this 331 million, 21 million are Americans with Asian ethnicity. The largest Asian ethnic groups in the United States are Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. The overall Asian ethnic population in America is highly urbanized and is concentrated in the Western United States and California. Generally, these Americans are well educated. Their households have higher average incomes.

On March 16, 2021, a series of mass shootings occurred at three spas or massage parlors in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Eight people were killed, six of whom were Asian women, and one other person was wounded. A suspect, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, was taken into custody later that day. According to police, Long said he was motivated by a sexual addiction that was at odds with his religious beliefs. He had previously spent time in an evangelical treatment clinic for sex addiction. Although Long has not been charged with a hate crime, many commentators have characterized the shootings as a hate crime, noting the backdrop of rising anti-Asian sentiment in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. Whatever may be the ultimate reason, a mass murder is an attack on all Americans. We all mourn over our neighbors who have lost their lives and we realize this could have been any one of us instead of them.

Besides the Atlanta mass murder this week, there are more issues being dealt with by the Biden Administration. Issues that Biden would prefer to keep out of the press. These issues plus Biden’s response to Atlanta, show that Biden and his party are taking advantage of Atlanta as a distraction away from other issues. Here are some examples of those issues.

Earlier this week in an interview, Biden called Vladimir Putin a “killer”. Putin responded in kind saying that “it takes one to know one” and recalled the Russian Ambassador for consultations. Vladimir Putin is a killer. He did interfere with the 2016 and the 2020 elections. He is going to continue to interfere in our elections. Putin is a bull who cannot control himself when he sees an American red cape. He is a thug and a spoiler. He has poisoned numerous political opponents and imprisoned them. Other than call him out, what else can one really do about it? Let’s sanction him! I know Putin is scared of that considering we had already sanctioned him over Ukraine. Despite the sanctions, Putin still managed to build a $1.3 billion mansion near the Black Sea. After Biden fell three times trying to climb the Air Force One stairs, Putin is not remotely worried about being taken behind the gym and worked over by Biden. Considering that he wished Biden “good health”, the Russians probably know more about Biden’s health than we the American people know.

Putin is not our ally. He is not our friend. Any Republican who entertains the notion that Putin is a friend of convenience, is an absolute fool. Any Democrat who thinks that Putin is afraid of Joe and Kamala are fools. Putin is also a fool. His country would be speaking German if it were not for Lend Lease. There would not be a Russian Federation if we had decided to drive the stake home after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Don’t tread on us. Putin would be wise to cooperate more before China takes Siberia from them and we sit back and watch it happen. There is no honor amongst thieves. Enough of “Bad Vlad” and “Glass Joe” and their high school bully spat, their re-enactment of the Socs and Greasers, in a twisted political version of The Outsiders.

The American National Security Advisor and the U.S. Secretary of State met with their Chinese counterparts in Alaska. This meeting was confrontational. China is a wolf at our door and they are snapping viciously at American heels. Biden knows it. There is a border crisis. Biden policies have unintentionally fueled migration, both illegal and legal, to the United States. The border is not equipped to handle the migrant surge. News access to the border has been curtailed by the Biden Administration so that we do not know of Biden’s difficulties. Vaccinations are going well, however, the news no longer reports on the daily number of Coronavirus deaths in America. There are currently 541,000 deaths. The number of deaths still goes up by nearly 800 deaths daily. Of these deaths, in only 61 days as President, Joe Biden has been directly responsible for 141,000 of those deaths. Joe Biden has lead America for 61 days during which 26 percent of the total coronavirus deaths in this country have occurred. In his own 2020 words, if Joe Biden had done his job, all 141,000 people would still be alive today.

Then there is Governor Andrew Cuomo who is facing both a nursing home death reporting scandal and multiple allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. To his credit, earlier this week Joe Biden said that the powerful Democratic Governor should resign if an investigation confirms the allegations of sexual harassment against him. The President added that a woman should be presumed telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward. Unfortunately, Joe Biden does not profess these same presumptions when it comes to Tara Reade, who accused the President of sexually assaulting her in 1993 when Biden was a 21-year sitting U.S. Senator and 51-year old Democratic candidate for President.

Totally silent throughout the Cuomo allegations is Vice President Kamala Harris, the ethnic trinity – first woman elected Vice President, the first woman of color elected Vice President, the first South Asian woman elected Vice President. As a Senator serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Kamala Harris viciously went after Associate Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She treated Kavanaugh as though he belonged in solitary confinement at Alcatraz despite the facts that Kavanaugh was a 17-year-old minor and a “nobody” during the time when most of the allegations against him were alleged to have occurred. Kavanaugh was a 21-year-old college student for the others. Cuomo was a 50-year-old New York State Attorney General and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for President Bill Clinton at the time of his first allegation in 2007.

Kamala ascended to the Vice Presidency by lauding herself as a feminist and champion for women and girls. Now, as the most powerful woman in America, she remains silent on an egregious sexual assault scandal because it’s against a political ally. Feminism is a farce. Feminism and ethic divisions are a Biden weapon. Kamala Harris is the perfect delivery system for them due to her gender and her ethnicity.

Seizing the moment to categorize the Atlanta murders as another Black Lives Matter opportunity and an opportunity to be the Comforter-In-Chief, both Biden and Harris rolled in heavy on the Atlanta mass murder. Flags were at half-mast across the nation. Both Biden and Harris went to Atlanta on Friday for briefings at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and to meet with Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community leaders. In reality, the multi-cultural emphasis by the Biden Administration continues to drive home what Democrats and to a lesser degree tenured Republican politicians today strive first to do – divide and then lord over us while we are divided. It is what our enemies like Bad Vlad and Xi Jinping want to see – an America continually fractured and divided along multi-cultural lines.

Our enemies know that a melting pot America is far stronger than a salad bowl America. But our tenured politicians know that a salad bowl America is more likely to keep their parties in power longer. Our enemies and our politicians are not working together, but keeping us divided is their common goal. We the people are their common targets and the politicians are betting on our gullibility and our addiction to social media. We the people must resist them both. We the people must decide to be united and be strong. Unity is not something that occurs in Washington, D.C. Unity starts in the American living room. Unity boils over beyond our homes. Unity is a way of life. Unity is a deliberate choice to be inclusive. Unity is a message carried forth by our ambassadors – our children – to every land and to every event. Unity warmly floods throughout our communities and states. Unity melts and fuses this country together as one homogenous piece of unbreakable iron.

Biden’s Comforter-in-Chief act and his continued accusations of hate crimes where there are none, is a deliberate wolf-in-sheep’s clothing strategy intent on keeping us divided so the Democrats can stay in power. Beware all, the wolves are nipping at our heels.