Senator Mazie Hirono – Her Kauā is Getting Deep and Stinky

Crazy Mazie

By: Lokelani Wilder

Senator Mazie Hirono recently said that her main priorities are helping get President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda passed.  This agenda includes the American Jobs and the American Families Acts.  Hirono described those things as being necessary to get our economy back to some level of normalcy. She says that she wants to help the American people get back to work because this pandemic has resulted in millions of women leaving the workforce to take care of their children who are not in school.  

Hirono described there being a lot of factors that impacted the number of women who left the workforce and in order to enable them to get back, they need affordable, accessible child care. They need paid family leave.

I want to call a quick time out and warn everyone that Crazy Hirono’s kauā is really getting deep and stinky.  We once had plenty of affordable, accessible child care and paid family leave.  The Democrats shut all of that down and then allowed the unions to keep our schools and other businesses shut.  Even when science showed that schools were safe late last summer and early fall, the Democrats still said no until Donald Trump was voted out.  Once Trump was assuredly gone, even the Democrats tried to reopen the schools, but their union voting blocs said no. When Joe Biden started enticing Democrats and unions with trillions of dollars’ worth of Rescue Plan money, they all immediately opened up and had their hands outstretched to receive.   We had hardly even begun vaccinations when the Democrats reopened schools.

Accessible child care does still lag behind other business and services reopening.  Since child cares were closed once before, child care specialists are worried to put their eggs back into such fragile baskets.  Many of the child care businesses and their employees have moved on to more resilient occupations out of necessity.

Rightly so that they moved on!  Democrats are once again lurking in the direction of using our kids as political weapons.   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conveniently used their science again and are now warning that the Covid 19 Delta Variant poses higher risks to younger age groups.  Coincidentally, this news comes shortly on the heels of vaccination rate slowdowns nationwide and opening the vaccines up to kids ages 12 and above.  The Democrats are not going to meet Joe Biden’s 70 percent vaccination level prior to July 4th so let’s scare parents into getting their children vaccinated and bumping up Biden’s numbers.  This tactic unfortunately also scares would-be child care specialists from opening back up. 

Maybe child care is one of the groups of workers that the Democrats have ear marked to remain closed?  The lack of accessible child care sustains pressure on stressed parents to accept unreasonable, and unnecessary demands, such as vaccinating kids which would help Joe Biden and David Ige realize their 70 percent vaccination goals.  The lack of accessible child care does allow unions and Democrats to push for greater employee benefits, such as paid family leave for extended periods of time. 

Speaking of vaccinations.  The Democrats sure are adamant to push Trump Warp speed developed vaccines onto the public.  How much do you want to wager that Crazy Hirono and her Democrat colleagues now own pharmaceutical stock?  I only wish that Crazy Hirono thought child care stock was equally as valuable.