Senator Spotlight: Kurt Fevella

Kurt Fevella

By: J. S.

Senator Kurt Fevella is a lifelong Ewa Beach resident representing Senate District 19. His district includes about 54,000 Hawaii residents in the Ewa Beach area of Oahu. The area includes Ewa Beach, Ewa by Gentry, Iroquois Point and a portion of Ewa Villages. Mr. Fevella is a Republican and was employed as a school custodian before assuming office in the Hawaii State Senate in 2018. On the Senator’s homepage he states that he is determined to keep his political career focused on the community.

His community focus shone through in a 2020 Honolulu Civil Beat interview where Kurt Fevella was asked how Hawaii should plan to diversify the state economy. His response was that “our best hope is table-to-farm diversified agriculture to supply both residents and visitors. As Gov. Ige has proposed, we must double our food production over the next few years.” One method of doing so, the Senator said, is through the introduction of his bill for a program to reduce dependence on imported foods.

Beyond a focus on economic sustainability through Hawaii agriculture, Senator Fevella has a long history of leadership and volunteerism in the Ewa Beach community. He has been a volunteer in the Leeward Community since 1987. His volunteer work includes contributing time and money to homeless support; since 2007 he has assisted with the Hope for New Beginnings Homeless Program. He has been active in volunteering with the Ewa Beach Lions Club. Senator Fevella Revived Security Watch & Patrol for Ewa crime reduction, and he has been a block captain and volunteer with the program since 2006. 

Since joining the Hawaii State Senate in 2018, Senator Fevella has introduced important bills to the Hawaii Legislature. In March 2021 he introduced SR 147, a bill requesting physicians and surgeons in the state to take appropriate steps to protect the life, health and welfare of infants born alive, even after an attempted abortion. The bill states that any infant born alive is a legal person under the United States Constitution, Hawaii State Constitution, and other state laws. Newborn infants who have unexpectedly survived an abortion procedure should not be denied appropriate life saving or life sustaining medical care and treatment, and should not be left to die. SR 147 is currently referred to Senate Committees for review.

Regarding homelessness in Hawaii, Senator Fevella introduced Senate Bill 221 alongside 11 other legislators to address the needs of homeless populations. The bill would require government entities across the state and counties to organize efforts with private non-profits to meet the concerns of communities impacted by homelessness and the needs of the homeless population within each county. The bill seeks the increased collaboration between state, counties, neighborhood boards and non-profit organizations.

Regarding housing in Hawaii, the Senator introduced Senate Bill 1 SD 2 which establishes the ALOHA Homes Program to develop low-cost homes on state-owned and county-owned land in urban redevelopment sites to be sold in leasehold by the Hawaii housing finance and development corporation (HHFDC) to qualified residents.

For those interested in following Senator Fevella, he has an active Facebook page where he shares updates with his constituents. A section of his page is available for individuals to ask questions directly. The page is updated consistently with a variety of relevant community information. 

View and follow the bills Senator Fevella has sponsored through his page on

To find your community representatives, visit and learn more about decision makers in your area. An active role in local government is an important way for us to help make our island communities a great place to live and work.