The Democrat Covid 19 Double Standard

Covid 19

By: Amoka Mele

Joe Biden repeatedly refers to Covid 19 Delta Variant as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” a phrase that some critics say fails to capture the universal impact of rising caseloads and things like reinstated mask mandates. AIDS was labeled as a homosexual disease. Will Covid 19 become the Conservative Disease? Oh, you have the Delta Variant, you must be a Republican.

Donald Trump called it “The Wuhan Flu” and the “China Virus” and was vilified. Why are the Democrats allowed to be better toward the Chinese who won’t transparently share how Tony Fauci helped them by funding the development of Covid 19 in their Wuhan lab and how they deliberately concealed the facts behind its development and its release? China concealed it to slow us down. Why did Democrats help China develop a virus targeting primarily old people and are now seemingly targeting conservative people in the United States? Sounds to me like they want to reduce the social security and Medicare and Medicaid bottom-lines. If they were not focused on reducing those things, then Obamacare or Bidencare or Pelosicare whatever those crooks are calling it these days, would already be back and in full force.

The Delta Variant did not mutate in West Virginia or Alabama at MAGA Rallies. It mutated in India two or more months ago, when there were 400,000 Covid 19 cases per day when only two percent of the Indian population was vaccinated. The Delta Variant cut through southern China, one month before it arrived in the United States in this latest surge. Again, China did not tell the world that it was restricting travel and none of our national leaders told us, even if they knew themselves. Either our State Department is not reporting events in the countries where we have them, our Intelligence Services are as bad as Trump always said they were, or Biden made the deliberate decision not to tell the public so that we would not be alarmed. Sound familiar? Trump was vilified for attempting to do the same.

These variants are mutating in countries that do not want to take Russian and Chinese vaccines because they do not trust them. Would you? Hell no!!  They want American vaccines. If we want to kill this damn thing once and for all, we have to attack it around the world.  The whole world needs to take the Trump vaccines and we need to give it to the other countries instead of shelling out truckload after truckload of taxpayer monies to a bunch of career politicians.  That money only goes into crooks’ pockets, not into peoples’ arms so they can live.

How is it that Conservatives now will not take a vaccine that Donald Trump’s administration developed? I do not believe that.  I believe they are taking it. I believe this is a deliberate information campaign by the Biden Administration to conceal mismanagement, to conceal criminal intent, and to cover up financial linkages to China. Is the vaccine being made available to traditionally conservative communities? That is what needs to be looked at.

In the run-up to the national election last year, Democrats constantly said that Trump did not care about people of color because the Coronavirus was affecting them at a higher level. Now, they are saying that we have not recovered because conservatives will not take the vaccines. Like Donald Trump said during the debate when Joe Biden would look at the camera and give out a slogan, “that’s a political stunt Joe” and so is all that they are doing now.