The Gravest Threat to the United States

Picture of xi jinping president of China

By: J. Jeffersonian

Aside from long tenured, career American politicians, the gravest external threat to the United States is the People’s Republic of China (PRC).  President Joe Biden is dead wrong to say that the top foreign policy issue is North Korea or anybody else for that matter.  Joe Biden is living in the past and his doing so is jeopardizing the future security of the United States of America and the world. 

On Thursday, March 25, 2021 Biden erroneously tagged North Korea as the top foreign policy threat facing the United States.  Biden’s comments stem from the North Koreans test-launching ballistic missiles, a move that came after the country fired suspected cruise missiles over the weekend. Analysts believe North Korea has started a series of escalating military provocations but these analysts are not taking two things into consideration: (1) Biden campaigned on rolling back relations between the United States and North Korea; and (2) the United States and the Republic of Korea resumed high level military rehearsals in early March 2021. 

North Korea feels more threatened and is reacting to us.  There are several other issues and these have to do with the PRC.  Last week, the United States and the PRC held Biden’s first high level talks in Alaska.  These talks were purely confrontational.  Secondly, today on March 27, 2021, the PRC and Iran announced a 25-year $400 billion strategic cooperation agreement addressing economic issues amid crippling U.S. sanctions on Iran.  This deal marked the first time Iran has signed such a lengthy agreement with a major world power.  With this deal, the PRC has added Iran to its very small quiver of proxies that already includes North Korea.  

Earlier in March 2021, during annual testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Admiral Philip Davidson – the current Commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command – said that the PRC will achieve military overmatch against the United States in Asia by 2025.  Admiral Davidson said that he further predicts that war will manifest in the Indo-Pacific inside this decade.  The Indo-Pacific Commander specifically drew attention to conflict occurring around 2027 when the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) turns 100 years old.  China’s current leader - President Xi Jinping – now holds a life-time office.  He is only 68-years old. He is regarded as the most powerful PRC leader since Chairman Mao. Were Xi Jinping to live to be as old as Deng Xiaoping, then he could lead the PRC for another 24 years (2046).  Xi has said that he wants to be the global equal to the United States by 2049 when the PRC itself turns 100 years old.  Xi Jinping told Donald Trump at their very first meeting in March 2017, that he wants a legacy associated with reunification.  

Reunification means one thing – Taiwan.  Since the end of the Trump Administration and now into the Biden Administration, the PRC is repeatedly warning the United States not to get more involved with Taiwan.  Just yesterday, Friday March 26, 2021, twenty Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone in the largest aerial incursion yet reported by the Taiwan’s defense ministry and marking a dramatic escalation of tensions.  All of this is choreographed, the deal between Iran and China, the Taiwan incursion, and the North Korean missiles.  Beijing is pulling the strings on all of it. 

What makes Beijing the greatest threat to the United States is not just the quickly growing Chinese military.  What makes the PRC such a challenge is also the fast-growing economy.  China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) currently sits just under $16 trillion – slightly less than $6 trillion dollars behind the United States.   It is possible that China’s GDP could pass the United States by 2028.  The last time that a nation other than the United States had the world’s largest GDP was 1890 when we overtook the British as the world’s largest economic power.  Fifty-five years later at the end of World War II, the United States took Britain’s place as the world’s most powerful nation.  When China overtakes the United States economically, it will only be a matter of time naturally for China to put an authoritative, economic pillow over the face to smother the free world. 

Under Donald Trump, the United States competed with China across all the instruments of national power – diplomatic, information, military, and especially economic.  He was our first President to compete with China so widely and extensively.  Through this competition, Chinese vulnerabilities were revealed.  China’s military build-up slowed.  Donald Trump’s competition at least delayed war with China.  Donald Trump did not want to approach North Korea with more of the same – more sanctions and more military maneuvers – as had done each of his predecessors since Bill Clinton.  Through the summits with Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump came closer than any of his predecessors had come to removing North Korea as a Chinese proxy and as a nuclear threat.  Now under Biden, we are heading back to square one all the while taking our eye off the gravest threat – China.   

The PRC is not ten feet tall, but there are hundreds of millions of them.  We are ten feet tall to them, but there are far fewer of us.  We can be taken down by numbers.  Right now, the United States can beat China, but at a terrible, terrible price in both casualties and damage.  Each passing year of PRC military build-up renders American victory a little less guaranteed than the year before.  The PLA is concerned about building more ships, planes, and missiles quickly and cheaply.  The United States military now seems more concerned with rooting out extremism, publishing letters signed by all its generals and admirals during or after our national elections, installing ethnically diverse leaders regardless whether these leaders are the most qualified or competent, and deciding whether the American taxpayer should pay for sexual reassignment surgeries while our conflicted service members are in uniform.  Such surgeries and their lengthy recoveries would render American service members unable to do their jobs for years. 

We have based still named for traitors and we cannot stop sexual assault in the ranks.  China is not remotely concerned about such things.  China insinuates peace, but is absolutely, demonstratively hell-bent in its preparations to win a coming war with the United States. Sleepy Joe Biden needs to wake up quickly and see who truly is America’s gravest external threat.  That threat is the PRC and they are quickly preparing to beat us at war.