The News Media Biased Against Conservative Women

Women Working

By: Lokelani Wilder

It is exceedingly difficult for many women to return to the 4.5 million jobs they lost during the coronavirus crisis. The equivalent number for men is 3.7 million.  The pandemic recession hit women particularly hard.

In the months after the spring 2020 shutdowns, 11.3 million jobs held by women vanished almost immediately, as women are overrepresented in the retail, restaurant, travel, and hospitality sectors.  Lack of childcare and closed schools meant many women, including those who did not lose their jobs, had to take on the bulk of caring for children.

Even now as industries tentatively reopen, job growth for women is so low that, at April’s rate of just 161,000 jobs added per month, it would take 28 months to regain the pandemic losses — longer once population growth is considered.  The Biden Administration and the biased news media would not have us know these facts.  Rather, they want to focus on the meaningless. 

Melania Trump was only one of two foreign born First Ladies in U.S. history.  She was a former model, fluent in five languages.  She reluctantly came to the White House with a 10-year-old, fifth grade son in tow.  Her son was bullied by the press who frequently described him as autistic.  He was not.  Presidential children from both sides of the political spectrum came to Barron Trump’s defense during these attacks.       

The Biden administration has largely refrained from mentioning former President Donald Trump and his legacy — a legacy that included growing a strong economy, real competition with adversaries, judges, and dealing with the pandemic with plans that the Biden Administration is now taking credit.  It is pointless to describe that there are now more separated children on the border today than there ever was during the Trump Administration, and it is pointless to describe how both allies and adversaries are again economically taking advantage of America.  America is back everybody.  Their taxpayers will pick up this tab.

First, I personally never want to find myself alone at a party with the Bidens.  They strike me as the kind of disingenuously outwardly virtuous couple who are going to corner a young, beautiful woman in the corner with a threesome proposition.  The Bidens are creepy.  They repeatedly use grief and other emotions, like love, to intentionally create vulnerable opportunities for further exploitation.

This week Jill Biden stepped out in the United Kingdom ahead of the G7 summit, wearing a blazer embellished with the world “love” on the back. It sent a clear, unavoidable message; the Bidens are turning the page on Trump’s tenure — and all the Trump family, including former First Lady Melania.

Indeed, the “love” message seems to stand in sharp contrast to the phrase, “I Really Do not Care, Do U?” spotted on the back of Melania’s jacket in 2018 as she visited migrant children at a border facility in Texas.  Granted, she would likely choose differently today, but Melania’s jacket came two years after enduring, suffocating media vilification of both herself and her son. 

During last year’s Presidential campaign, Vice President Kamala Harris received praise for sporting Timberland boots. The media was not nearly as kind to First Lady Melania Trump when displaying a similar look.

During a visit to California wildfire areas, Harris was seen wearing the iconic boots while sparking plenty of compliments on Twitter and glowing headlines from the media.  The media was rather hostile towards the Melania on multiple occasions when she wore Timberlands. 

Two headlines side-by-side from Yahoo News, one reading “Kamala Harris may have made Timberland boots cool again” and the other from December 2018 reading “Melania Trump gets mocked for wearing Timberland boots while visiting the troops” show starkly the bias.  For real?  Comparing the appearance and fashion of a former professional model with a career opportunist is like comparing Princess Leia with R2D2.  At least Melania went to the border.  Kamala never has and probably never will. 

What should not beneath the women currently in power is getting women back to work quicker.  This is especially true of the need to re-employ Conservative women who are now seen as liabilities and workplace outcasts.  Many of the women who worked in the Trump Administration were working mothers who often brought their newborns to the White House.  Each of them was vilified by the press.  Not so with Jen Psaki.  Now these women cannot find work because the press has biasedly vilified them.

If Jill Biden wants to put “love” on the back of a jacket, then Jill Biden needs to remember that love is not a weapon.  Love is not a strategic communications slogan.  Love is not an emotion used to create a vulnerability that can be exploited later.  Rather, love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

When Jill and Kamala, refuse to care what the biased press thinks, and physically come to the defense of women – including Melania Trump – then they will demonstrate that they understand love’s meaning.  For now, they should simply focus on restoring the employment of the 4.5 million women still out of work.