What to Expect This Summer – More Passes

biden and harris

By: T.  Jeffersonian

I am back!  I wanted to give my esteemed colleagues at Honolulu Civil Beat proof of life that the mysterious T. Jeffersonian is indeed both alive and well.  I certainly wish them all the same.

We can expect more passes throughout the summer months, both here in Hawaii and in Washington DC.  

Today, we have 122 new Covid 19 cases and one death in the state.  Had these numbers occurred last year with a Republican in the White House, the state’s Democrats would have shut the state down again.  Because there is a Democrat in the White House, we could have 1,000 new cases today and there would be Democrat resistance to shutting down less national recovery be cast in doubt.  This is especially true because Biden is going to roll out another $6 trillion in potential funding.  Our Democrat leaders are lining up with our state’s hands out.  They are on their best Democrat behavior and hope that it gets rewarded. 

The Trump vaccines and distribution plan has enabled Hawaii Democrats to fully vaccinate 51 percent of the state against what is increasingly now truly being seen as “the China Virus”.  A China Virus which was partially funded with a $600,000 grant given to the Wuhan Lab by Dr. Anthony Fauci.  We certainly do not want to do viral research in the United States!  Let us give money to China. The Chinese Communist, who have publicly professed goals to replace the United States in the world order, are surely trustworthy and clearly will not use the gain of function research against America and our allies! 

Rather than set up a special commission to investigate Covid 19, Democrats want the World Health Organization to do it.  Rather than force China to come clean, let us set up a special commission on the January 6, 2021, Capitol Riots despite the Mueller Probe, and two impeachments that cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. 

Trump was President for less than a year for 400,000 Covid 19 deaths with no vaccines.  Joe Biden has been President for four months for 194,000 Covid 19 deaths with over 50 percent of the population fully vaccinated.  Joe Biden said, “If Trump had done his job, those 400,000 would still be alive”.  Mr. President?  What is your excuse for the 194,000 deaths that have occurred during only the four months that you have had the watch?  Also, if America First was such a bad thing, why has your administration not moved faster to provide the millions and millions of surplus vaccines to third world countries who are locking down again?  Why are you deliberately keeping these vaccines on the shelves?  Seems like you are afraid to take a risk.  Are the vaccines bad or are you a believer in America First?

Trump was vilified by everything he said and did on Twitter.  Vice President Kamala Harris tweets nothing more than “Have a good long weekend” on Memorial Day.  Trump would have been crucified.  Harris got a pass.  Her only sacrifice on Memorial Day was apparently escorting Willie Brown to public functions in San Francisco.  Trump was vilified for locker room talk.  Biden… “that girl looks like she’s 19!”  Pass.  Maxine Waters crossed state borders and called for violent protests before the Derek Chauvin verdict.  Pass.  LeBron James tweeted “You’re Next” to a white police officer involved in a shooting.  Pass.  Lori Lightfoot is discriminating against media members not of color.  Pass.  Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed and assaulted staffers and lied about Covid 19 deaths in New York nursing homes.  Pass. 

Gas prices are the highest that they have been in over a decade due to Paris Climate Accord related policies, executive orders, and hacks.  Got to be tough on Russia…let’s lift some sanctions ahead of the Geneva Summit.  Vlad, you can keep imprisoning political dissidents.  Go ahead, force planes to land so you can get to them, put them in jail forever, without a fair trial.  We will let your gas flow if you give some of our family and friends a cut! Is your $2 billion Sochi mansion taking weekend reservations yet?  I see the Trump Pee-Pee Tape is on pay per view.  Got any with the Slick Willies Bros – Willie Brown and Bill Clinton?

In the next 60 days, we are going to see a roll-out of $6 trillion worth of jobs and family plans.  Republicans will be vilified for opposing them.  These rollouts will be coupled with national re-openings despite the continued Covid 19 cases and vaccinations.  We will see a Geneva Summit between Putin and Biden where an arms agreement will likely be announced.  Biden will receive public credit for the agreement because he is the new “Dirty Harry” and is so tough on our adversaries.  He is certainly one-half of the dynamic duo “Dirty and Harris” but he is no modern-day Clint Eastwood character.  Let me take that back.  Hmmm…. Biden is a self-professed car man.  “Gran Tarino”, I can see.  As we heard from him in the 1970s, Biden does prefer a fast, powerful set of wheels if he is forced to ride through the jungle. 

Around July 4, 2021, we are going to see a national celebration, reminiscent of Reagan lighting Lady Liberty in 1986 and public openness with no masks.  Trump tried this at Mount Rushmore but was horribly vilified.  Biden will get pass because it will be Reagan-like, regardless the only similarly being their age bracket.  Both are actors.  Reagan acted in movies.  Biden has played the role of honest political leader for decades.  Sadly, we are going to see more mass shootings, more defund the police, and more violence, the vast majority of which will occur in Democrat run strong holds. Each horrible episode will bring with it accusations of racism and deliberate division sought to empower Democrat control.  It is a lie!  Pass.