Who is Making All this Covid 19 Money?

Money and Covid

By: Amoka Mele

In every crisis, there are always people who cash in.  Covid 19 is no different.  Most of the time, these seemingly insightful opportunists have considerable inside help, for a small enduring fee of course. 

When the pandemic is over, the Hawaii public deserves to know why only certain hotels were selected for quarantines and why certain companies were selected for medical testing.  We would like to know who owns these specific companies and how they are connected to Hawaii’s elected federal and state political leaders and their families.

It is not just the quarantine hotels and medical tests.  We want to see where the vaccines are being stored and who is shipping them.  Someone is making a profit from warehousing and shipping.  Someone is making a profit on selling personal protective equipment.  Who is it?    

We especially want to see where CARES and Rescue Plan Act funding has gone in the state.  Who has received it?  How much and how are they connected to our currently in-office politicians. 

We want to see how many contracts have been awarded by both the federal and the state governments to minority owned small businesses, especially start-up companies in the state.  We will find very few of them have been awarded to anything other than established companies.   

The corruption is not isolated just to the state government.  There are federal implications at the highest reaches of our government and the military.  During the pandemic, Fat Leonard simply moved east.  Leonard is still very much alive and flourishing here in the Hawaiian isles.  The Defense Logistics Agency needs to be turned inside out and shaken from top to bottom.  Rats continue to come off the military ships and planes into our isles. 

If there ever was such a Truth and Reconciliation Effort undertaken in this state following the pandemic, it would be utterly and starkly revealing.  Through such an effort we will find that the wealth of the state’s political families has substantially increased during this pandemic.    We will find an integrated golden silo consisting of bids and solicitation on one end and award and profit at the other.  There will be on in-betweens and only emaciated hands struggling to grab onto the slippery golden sides of the silo’s expanding glut.

Before the pandemic, our elected Democrat politicians and their flunkies had already built a wall of money between themselves and the people who allegedly “elect” them.  This pandemic presented nothing more than just one more in a long line of opportunities for them to expand the considerable wealth gap that already existed between Hawaii’s elitist Democrat politicians and the common citizen.   Something is extremely rotten in the state of Hawaii.  We must get to the bottom of it.