Who Is Ron Curtis?

Ron Curtis

By: D. Kennedy

Ron Curtis is a member of the Republican Party running for election to the U.S House to represent Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District. He advanced from the Republican primary on August 8, 2020, and is on the ballot in the general election this November 3 against Rep. Ed Case, who ran unopposed in the primary and has been in the office since succeeding Rep. Colleen Hanabusa back in January 2019. 

Curtis has worked over 35 years as a systems engineer for federal government contractors, including contracts in the Washington D.C area for Nasa, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Agriculture. He relocated permanently to Kauai in August 2009 in managing the NASA’s Koke’e Park Geophysical Observatory. 

Curtis looked at becoming a part of the solution after following the news coverage of the federal government and seeing how wasteful and inept it has grown to be. He found the government to be too big to be adequately managed or overseen and has looked to running a platform of comprehensive change in order to represent the best of the American people.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Curtis has tracked some 75 federal programs with around $7.5 billion of emergency assistance to Hawaii and has contributed to the passage of the CARES and HEROES Acts in the U.S House. He has also promised to donate all of his annual U.S Congress salary to charities in Hawaii for our Keiki.

“If you agree that our federal government has taken a turn for the worse, please join me to start managing change and innovation in Washington DC to drive our federal government back on course to being more functional, efficient, and effective,” Curtis’ campaign site reads. 

If re-elected, Curtis looks to focus on the economic and social crisis of Hawaii by depending on high-volume low-cost travel and tourism for economic reliance. He believes in investing in the development of technology, agriculture, international services, education, and related research niches like ocean and astronomy. These are the opportunities that entrust opportunities and jobs, along with avoiding the end of Hawaii’s natural resources.  

Curtis looks to represent the best of Hawaii by restoring public confidence and trust with the American people in their elected officials. 

“People are frustrated with the current ineffective state of our federal government and its divisive underlying partisan politics in Washington DC. Congress has devolved into legislating for the next election cycle rather than doing what’s in the best interest of the people of this country. We elected adults to represent us in Congress and it has deteriorated into schoolyard bickering and fighting. So I am running on a platform of comprehensive change across the whole of our federal government,” Curtis said.